Kefta Bel Senyye, which means Kefta in the Dish

Preheat the oven to 200.

Use the 30cm dish from Ikea, enough for 6ppl

The potatoes are peeled and cut into thick slices, left to soak in water for a while.

Mix the chicken, parsley, onions, 7 spices and salt until well combined. The measurements for parsley anf onion are approximate, I go by eye, same for 7 spices and salt. Approx 2 tsp of spices but more is ok.

At the bottom of the pan, put a bit of olive oil and spread it well to the sides. Spread the meat mix evenly in the pan and put a drizzle of olive oil on top

Once thats done, WASH YO HANDS! SALMONELLA IS A REAL THING! then pop it in the oven for 10min, the chicken shouldnt be baked, just “waxed.”

While it’s in there, mix 1 tbsp of tomato paste, 1 tbsp of pomegrenate molasses and water in a bowl.

Slice your tomatoes sideways, not too thick not too thin.

Woops! that wasn’t enough potato! Don´t tell anyone, but I didn’t soak that last potato! ???? Put the sliced potatoes on top of the chicken.

Tomatoes are next! and then the  sauce!

Make a little aluminum blanket (as tight as you can!)

Back to the oven for 45min!

In the meantime, clean your station and your sink (SALMONELLAAA!!)

Prepare a side salad, and I always love to serve this with Hummus and Mutabbal (aubergines with tehina)